Stonegate Financial Group Reviews Financial Markets Throughout the First Half of 2014

Stonegate Financial Group says that the first six months of 2014 have brought about a lot of interesting trends and developments in regards to the economy and the market around the world. Over the past several years, the economy has been up and down in various different industries. It can often be confusing to keep track of all the lingo, phrases, and trends that are discussed when reviewing the economy. In order to keep it simple for people, here is what is going on in the financial markets around the world.

The past few months have brought about some interesting changes to the financial markets throughout different countries around the world. Many of these markets have experienced a positive boost, and this may be because of what has recently been going on in China. In China, there has been an increase in manufacture activity and this has resulted in business for other countries as well. Because China is boosting its manufacturing activity, it will continue to need raw materials from other countries and markets.

Stonegate Financial Group shares that despite this increase in manufacture activity in China, there were some people that were worried about economic growth slowing down in this country. In order to prevent this from happening, the government has created and enforced a variety of different protocols to help with the economy. These include credit easing, highway spending, and business tax breaks. These protocols have helped with investors feeling more confident about the economy in China.

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Stonegate Financial Group Discusses Securing the Futures of Children

Stonegate Financial Group knows that children are the world’s most precious asset. They are the ones who lead society forward thanks to the love and support of families and communities. When people first decide to have children, there is a great deal to think about. Pediatricians have to be selected to keep children healthy, schools need to be considered for a quality education, and serious financial planning is required to ensure that children are able to exceed without limitations. The primary concern in regards to children and finances is having enough money to support them. A financial advisor can provide useful information and suggestions to help give parents peace of mind.

Another important aspect for financial advisement is education, as recognized by Stonegate Financial Group. Saving money for college is extremely important for young people to engage in higher learning to succeed and become productive members of society. Any kind of financial goals can be carried out through saving sooner rather than later. Again, financial advisors can help develop plans for parents to put away money to be used for a child’s education.

A serious concern most parents have is providing for their children in the event of tragedy. Although most people do not care to think about such matters, being prepared for any possibilities is crucial. Establishing a living will and trust will allow parents to lay out clear details as to how assets are distributed to family. This will also reduce if not eliminate litigation due to the lack of a will and trust.

Ensuring that children are able to thrive, financial planning is important for everybody.

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Stonegate Financial Group Recommends Smart Ways to Save on Necessary Expenses

Stonegate Financial Group knows there are certain expenses in life that are unavoidable. In order to be able to afford these necessities, here are some smart tips and tricks about how to save, spend and prepare for each of these essential things.

1. Insurance: If someone depends on your income, pay for life insurance. But if this isn’t the case, this is one expense to consider skipping. Insure against any financial disasters, home and auto is all necessities. Also, health or disability insurance are important ones to consider as well. But skip areas like extended warranties, travel insurance, payment protection plans or smartphone/other electronic insurance.

2. College: Planning to send your kids to a community college, in-state or public university are much more affordable options for middle-class families. The rest are expensive and come with the burden of a lot of extra debt from student loans. Only consider the more expensive private universities if it is something that is truly affordable for the family.

3. Buying a Home: The best way to prepare? Saving up for a larger down payment on a home is a great way to reduce the amount of interest paid over the life of the loan. The same is true for a car as well. Be careful not to overextend yourself on either one, however. Stonegate Financial Group knows a good credit score is important to many, so be honest about what is affordable or a stretch to avoid it being affect by late payments or a possible repossession or foreclosure if you are unable to keep up with your monthly payments.

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